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Tofu & You: Sauteing Your Leadership Entree

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to remind you are who you associate with. Reading time: 2:26    


     The Tofu sizzling in the vegetable stir fry looked bland in the pan yet tasted grand on the tongue. How come?

Tofu stir fry

Tofu stir fry

     The answer just may do more than expand the versatility in your tantalizing palate.  It just might also broaden the diversity in your leadership palette to solve problems more creatively and productively.

     Think of Tofu as an aromatic sponge that soaks up air-borne smells in a Marinating Magic Show and provides us a metaphor to brighten up and your leadership skills no matter how bland you may feel now doing ordinary work in an ordinary job.

      Like Tofu, your leadership skill sets, sizzle in a skillet, especially when you are stirred around in a variety of diverse flavors, tastes, vegetable juices etc.

       Call it the Tofu Tango.

       Indeed, the more you dance with the stars –leaders in their own fields–the brighter you feel.

       You become a part of all you touch and all who touch you impart something of themselves in you that lasts over time and shapes your thinking, guides your soul and alerts your mind to the opportunities and obstacles ahead.

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Opening Up Your Open Door

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to broaden your strategic thinking. Reading time: 4:32

     It seems absurd. A waste of time. An undermining of your authority as the CEO, the Chief Executive Officer.

     Door of Opportunity   Why block out an hour a week to meet privately –face-to-face–with ANYONE in your company? For up to 7 minutes. On any issue. At their request.

        How can those open-ended, shot in-the-dark meetings with any employee — not your direct reports – be worthwhile?

        Consider positioning these meetings as 7- minute Creative Business Building Discussions with you. Topics could  range from new product ideas to new market initiatives and yes even to highly emotional personnel issues affecting the selection, grooming and growing of future leaders.

      Sure you’d be opening your Open Door Policy so wide the complainers and disgruntled will likely game the system at first.

      But the most effective leaders know that in opening themselves up so widely they also open the company up to new ideas that could generate new revenue streams for you to initially navigate. Continue reading