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THINKING Like A Leader Relaunched With Bonus Mints

Relax, take a deep breath and savor these 77 Leadership Mints, bite-sized ideas to refresh and revitalize your leadership thinking and energize and recharge your leadership batteries.

You’re busy.Too busy to attend as many webinars and workshops on leadership as you might like and too busy to keep up with so many books and blogs on leadership thinking.

And take 5. Five minutes is the average reading time for each of these 77 short stories on leadership principles called Leadership Mints.

        THINKING Like a Leader, With Clarity, featuring 77 Leadership Mints, has been updated and relaunched–with four Bonus Mints — to help busy leaders refresh and rejuvenate their leadership skills.

Take a 5-Minute Leadership Mints Break

Written in an entertaining style with attention-getting chapter titles like Yabba Dabba Doooo On Monday Morning Too, the book also helps new and emerging leaders to learn through examples of leadership principles from business, sports and politics.

The 298-page book, available at Amazon.com (BUY NEW), serves as a refresher for seasoned leaders and a learning tool for emerging leaders on 12 leadership principles in particular from conflict management to creative and collaborative thinking.

Calling on 30 years of business experience, author Peter Jeff provides readers a virtual candy dish of Leadership Mints — on ingenuity and innovation and perception and relationship building —to grab ‘ go in real time when a leader’s intervention can do the most good without sacrificing productivity to attend an off-site seminar or workshop.

Leadership Mints Sampler: Beyond the Mint Metaphor

After reading any one of the three books in The Leadership Mints Series, you’ll discover much more symbolism in the candy mint:

  • Beyond its metaphorical life preserver shape
  • Beyond its pill-popping quick pick-me-up imagery and
  • Beyond its LifeSavers brand name.

Think of the candy mint as a metaphor for adapting to changing business conditions.

Then think of each of the short stories on leadership principles called Leadership Mints as so many reminders of an optimum leader’s ability to adapt to external forces in the marketplace.

Check the history books and you’ll find that the founder of the LifeSavers company had to adapt to keep his business  from virtually melting away.

As the owner and operator of the Queen Victoria Chocolate Company, Clarence Crane saw his chocolate candy business becoming more like a chocolate soup business during the summer months before air conditioning and refrigeration.

So he adapted. Specifically Clarence Crane:

CREATED a hard candy mint that could withstand the heat of the summer.

CONCENTRATED in naming, branding and packaging his hardy candy mint in nautical terms that differentiated the product and reinforced its value-added market position.

COLLABORATED with druggists who used pill-punching machines to create the distinctive life preserver shape with the hole in the middle of the candy mint.

In 1912, just after the sinking of the Titanic, he renamed his hardy candy mint: LifeSavers.

That’s what leaders do throughout the 3-book Leadership Mints Series. They adapt and adjust. Quickly. On the go.

Adapting is the premise behind the 77 Leadership Mints in THINKING Like a Leader to help you focus with greater clarity and creativity.

Adapting is the premise behind the 77 Leadership Mints in LOVING Like a Leader to help you problem-solve more purposefully and empathically.

And adapting is also the premise behind the 52 Leadership Mints in SPEAKING Like a Leader to help you tune in to your audiences more intently and communicate with greater civility.

All three books are available on Amazon.com in print ($15) and ebook ($8).

Dip-In Anywhere Leadership Reading Any Time Any How

Stop should-ing on yourself.

Of course you know you SHOULD spend more time developing other leaders on your staff. But when you’re so busy putting out fires who has time for fire prevention tips and techniques?

You’re not alone in SHOULDING on yourself.

Consider a survey conducted by Corporate University Xchange, (CorpU) – a global learning and leadership research firm. That survey found that developing other leaders ranks 4th from the bottom in the time leaders actually spend on formal leadership development.

                That’s why THINKING Like a Leader in particular and the entire 3-book Leadership Mints Series is specifically designed —simply—as a tool to help busy leaders refresh their leadership development skills – easily and quickly in an on-going convenient process – primarily through 5-minute, dip-in-anywhere, grab ‘n go reading modules that can be easily and quickly re-read as new situations warrant.

Reading Time 3:38 to Savor Mint 1

               In fact, the actual average reading time is listed immediately following the title of the Leadership Mint story. For example, beneath the first Leadership Mint story in THINKING Like a Leader-Yabba Dabba Doooo! On Monday Mornings Too the posted time is  3:38.

                   That’s the time you’ll invest digesting this particular Leadership Mint to refresh the way you enlist your staff in a larger purpose so convincingly that they actually look forward to getting back to work on Monday morning.

                              When you savor a Leadership Mint, you stop SHOULDING on yourself and capitalize on the trend in the leadership development industry toward on-going, integrated, on-the-job, experiential study of leadership rather than a series of separately scheduled leadership seminars or workshops.

                             When you savor a Leadership Mint, you stop SHOULDING on yourself and fill a key learning gap especially for newly minted leaders and their busy coaches and mentors: the need for a time-sensitive, weekly reminder of key concepts that could stand on its own or be used as a formal follow-up to a workshop or seminar.

                             When you savor a Leadership Mint, you stop SHOULDING on yourself and enjoy a convenient conversation starter between leaders and their direct reports as the Annual Review continues to morph into more frequent on-going discussions on professional development in general and specific performance in particular.

       In addition to THINKING Like a Leader, the Leadership Mints Series features two other books  available on Amazon.com ($15 paperback, $8 ebook) to help you stop SHOULDING on yourself–SPEAKING Like a Leader–on civility and on empathy LOVING Like a Leader.







You can purchase LEADERSHIP MINTS, the 296 page  tool to help leaders develop others leaders on Amazon.com or click on this link:


      Here is the introduction:

To More Fully Digest
The Leadership Challenge

2016 cover              With more than two million copies sold, The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Posner has earned its worldwide reputation as the Bible of Leadership Development. Following in that bible’s storytelling tradition, these 101 LEADERSHIP MINTS help you savor and digest the key principles in The Leadership Challenge. These LEADERSHIP MINTS– stories that can be read in 5 minutes or less – are easy to swallow and just as quickly energizing and refreshing like the candy mint. In fact, these LEADERSHIP MINTS are designed as bite-sized ideas to flesh out and personalize, to invigorate and innervate The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership as defined in The Leadership Challenge:

1. Model the Way
2. Inspire a Shared Vision
3. Challenge the Process
4. Enable Others to Act
5. Encourage the Heart

        See FIVE PRACTICES to review the full list of 101 Mints (stories) categorized according to the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. But first here’s a preview that illustrates the provocative titles and the entertaining flair of these LEADERSHIP MINTS that makes the leadership development principles more memorable, meaningful and actionable:

To Model the Way, see LEADERSHIP MINTS on Emotional Intelligence and Public Speaking, including: Mint 51 (Filling Up your Fool Tank) ,
Mint 75 (Breaking the Dam of Indifference) and Mint 82 (Wearing Your Wrinkled Coat of Arms).

To Inspire a Shared Vision, see LEADERSHIP MINTS on Strategic Thinking and Perception, including: Mint 1 (Yabba Dabba Doo on Monday Morning) , Mint 2 (Are you Forty or Forte?) and Mint 23 (Broadening Your Funnel Vision).

To Challenge the Process, see LEADERSHIP MINTS on Innovation and Creativity, including: Mint 3 (What’s Your YQ?,) Mint 7 (Slipping into the Girdle of Innovation) and Mint 31 (Taking the Scum Off Your Mind. )

To Enable Others to Act, see LEADERSHIP MINTS on Teamwork and Conflict Management including  Mint 43 (Feeding Friend-zy),
Mint 55 (Teetering on the See-Saw of Trust) , Mint 80 (Playing your ACE in a Stacked Deck).

To Encourage the Heart, see LEADERSHIP MINTS on Relationship Building and Listening including: Mint 42 (Heart Transplant of Another Kind),  Mint 58 (Feeding the Birds ) and Mint 70 (Making LOVE to your Audience).