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Shoveling Snowflakes After Key Meetings

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you take more control over changing dynamics. Reading time: 2:56

          So what if your desk is buried beneath a paper blizzard of memos, reports etc ? Consider shoveling a few more “snowflakes” around to stay more alert and ready when the winds of change swirl even harder.

snowflakes      Counter-intuitive?

       Not to Donald Rumsfeld, the former corporate  CEO and a two-time Secretary of Defense.

       Rumsfeld shoveled a daily dose of 20-60  snowflakes.

       That’s the term his staff gave to the flurry of followup memos and notes-to-self he would dictate and  they would print and distribute after every key meeting Rumsfeld attended.

       Call it Meeting After Care Instructions–some 20,000 snowflakes in his career that his staff carefully and meticulously filed and tracked in an extensive tickler system–so that he could more fully lead no matter how windy the conditions.

          Some snowflakes were one-line long. Others were 2-3 pages that captured an idea at the meeting and projected outcomes that needed his followup.  All of his snowflakes were designed to maintain a keen focus on the objectives, timelines and milestones of a key decision. Continue reading