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Containing Your Power Out of Respect

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea on values-based decision-making. Reading time: 2:59

      The architect proudly illustrated his design for a new manufacturing plant. Executives nodded approvingly.

      ARCHITECTUREThen the CEO noticed that the layout of the manufacturing plant placed the loudest machines adjacent to a residential street.

      In an instant he made decision to scrap this layout in favor of a new design that inverted the plant layout, placing the other end of the plant (a quieter shipping area) adjacent to the neighbors.

      “That’ll cost us $150,000 to redo this plan,” objected the plant manager. The CEO didn’t flinch at the financial loss.” He was too focused on “treating those people who live on that street the way I would want to be treated if I lived there.”

      The CEO’s demonstration of his emotional intelligence taught his executives Continue reading