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Fly the High Untrespassed Sanctity of Space

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to spark your imagination to higher horizons. Reading time: 2:53.

           Even as a teenager, Albert Einstein climbed to new vantage points and envisioned things that most had never even thought of before . As an energetic 16-year-old, he climbed the 8,000 foot Mount Santis in the Swiss Alps-and gave us all a glimpse of his visionary leadership.

          There on top of the mountain, Albert Einstein stood amazed –and almost in a daze at the sparkling rays.

         There above the treeline and overlooking the clouds below, Einstein marveled at the brilliant spectacle of light — its purity and precision, its might and majesty– that captured his imagination. “Could you run after a beam of light” he wondered.

       That ability to gain a new vantage point, to see farther –and further– ahead is a key leadership skill.  Climbing that mountain Continue reading