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Body Language: Speaking Meaningfully Without Words

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea of how  to use visual language in your next speech. Reading time: 2:56

          The vice president stood on stage like a sleek, well-balanced flamingo bird. Standing on one leg in front of more than 200 people, he shared  his vision for a reorganized department.

        “We have had people standing on one leg,” he said, making like a flamingo with a one-legged stance. “And so today I am announcing a reorganization of our department that will give more people two legs to stand on.” He planted his second leg firmly on the stage.  And the audience applauded the news.

         The vice president demonstrated a  significant leadership skill : exercising your body language to  clarifies and amplifies the words of a leader so that they more fully command attention,  understood and  acted upon.

           Read on to learn how George Washington and Thomas Jefferson leveraged their body language to communicate effectively in dire situations.

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