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Visually Branding Your Leadership Role

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to strengthen your personal brand. Reading time: 3:22.

      What’s your signature brand– some artifact or gesture –that sets you apart from others in the same field as you; something that establishes your personal “theme song?”

     Lawrence Welk Larry King, the former talk show host on CNN, brandished his suspenders; Columbo, the fictional television detective, always wore his wrinkled trench coat.

      Lawrence Welk, the band leader, always enveloped himself in soap-bubbles masquerading as champagne bubbles to augment his Bubbles-in-the-Wine theme song.

     johnny carson Johnny Carson, former host of the Tonight Show on NBC-TV, concluded his nightly monologue with his clubless golf swing.

    George Burns fingered his ever-present cigar. Bat Masterson twirled his cane. Jack Benny whirled his violin. Kojak swirled his lollipop. And The Lone Ranger unfurled a black mask..

      Indeed, the most effective leaders differentiate their organizations visually for added memorability and relevancy. Continue reading