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Speak Up: Stewing Your Ideas in a Crock Pot

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Dorothy meets the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz

        Here’s an idea to help you think more  fully before you speak.

      Remember the scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy first meets the scarecrow? Dorothy is mystified as she scans the straw that passes for the scarecrow’s brain . Finally exasperated, Dorothy blurts: “But if you haven’t got a brain, how can you talk? The scarecrow responds matter-of-factly: “I don’t know but I’ve seen a lot of people without brains do a lot of talking.”

       Talking yes. Speaking no.

       I’ve noticed the most effective leaders  do a lot more than just talk at  the podium. They literally have  a speaking part to play with their audience. They speak WITH more than talk TO their audience.   They seem to be echoing what the audience is thinking. They seem to be conversing with the audience, Continue reading