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Declaring Your Interdependence

Geese take turns leading. Each bird flies a bit higher than the bird in front for optimum drafting.

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to enhance the productivity of your teamwork. Reading time: 3:02

          Geese flying in formation honk at each other to keep themselves in a more efficient flying formation. They spell each other when the front-flier tires.

The followers do all the talking (honking). They honk encouragement to their leader to keep fighting that headwind.

        Intermittently, the follower becomes the leader.

         And interdependently, the leader becomes the follower.

        The metaphor of-all-for-one and one-for-all is the crux of teamwork and the essence of leadership. The most effective leaders not only stay in touch with their followers but intermittently climb down from the lofty ivory tower to see the world as their followers see it.

       And intermittently these most effective leaders even fly in formation alongside their followers. The leaders know the importance of that perspective to keep their vision real and their zeal authentic. Without it,  making headway against the winds of change is more difficult.

      No matter how tough the going is in any team situation — and there is always friction — you can  take solace when you see the flying geese, knowing that your team too could be more productive-if. If you are willing to rely -more than try-  each other. If you are willing to share the lead — and the load. If you are willing to pull together  –not pull each other apart. If you are willing to share  the  credit and the  blame. If you are willing to work together more than simply together work.

Leadership is a Job Not a Position

     The flying geese seem like parts of a well-oiled machine RELYING on each other for their own personal well-being let alone the productivity of the team.   Continue reading