Give “Bad” Employees The VIP Treatment

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help keep talented employees engaged . Reading time: 6:37.

           The retail clerk energetically raced into work and eagerly awaited taking charge of his cash register.

           He couldn’t wait to start serving his customers with a personal banter that turned the tedious jobs of both the shopper and the cashier into something more fun. He was good at what he did and everyone around him – his bosses, his peers, and his customers—knew it.

         Business was slow on this early Sunday morning. His cash register would remain silent—at least for now. His magic wand – the scanning device—would not dazzle anyone right now.

        With no customers in sight, he began sweeping and cleaning his cashier’s station. But there wasn’t any magic in that and he got bored.  He needed something to do. His boss noticed.

       The boss asked his star performer to abandon his cashier role and serve as a greeter at the main entrance. There were still no customers to greet but at least he would have a chance to interact with everyone who came into the store. And maybe create some magic.

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