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Part I: Spicing Up Obama’s Inaugural Address

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

 This is the 1st in a series of 5 posts
on Rhetorical Tips and Techniques
that President Obama could have used
to make his Second Inaugural Address
more memorable.
Boldface indicates
a departure from the original script.

President Barack Obama’s Second Inaugural Address could have used some rhetorical spice.

           Obama mug shotAt least that’s the feeling of pundits from all political persuasions who were left groping for a memorable phrase –or a meaningful key message– among his 2,147 words following his 18 minute 40 second speech that seemed more bland than grand.

President Obama delivers Second Inaugural Address

President Obama delivers Second Inaugural Address

           How could a podium pro like Mr. Obama fall victim to such a pedestrian performance from a purely speaking perspective? And what could you do to protect yourself from the same malady if you had to deliver an address to your company  as their new leader?

              Read on to see how Mr. Obama could have engineered his own “Ask-Not-What -Your- Country- Can- Do -For- You etc” mark in the minds of millions. Read on to learn how you can more fully write and deliver a speech that will leave your audience humming your tune and maybe even dancing to your message.

         Read on for a general critique of Mr. Obama’s speech writing efforts. Then explore three follow-up posts that will more fully develop speech writing  tips and techniques that Mr. Obama and his speech writing team could have use for a more MEMORABLE opening,  a more MEANINGFUL middle and a more MOBILIZING close.

Restructuring Not Rewriting

     Then on Friday February 1 this 5 part series concludes with a full RESTRUCTURING –not a rewriting — of the President Obama’s Inaugural Address that more thematically connects all the dots.   In fact the final version that I will post on the last day of this five-part series will use ALL of the President’s words in his original script. My intent is to maintain the tone of this speech while helping the audience better tune in to the message. Continue reading