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Mothering Mother Nature’s Butterfly Effect

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help become more aware of your working environment. Reading time: 3:15.

B29 Bomber Cockpit at a Vintage Aircraft Show

           The pilots were stunned.  They were flying way too fast, more than 100 miles an hour faster than their B-29 bombers has been designed to fly during  World War II.

      The unplanned speed played havoc with their aim: fewer than five percent of their bombs accurately hit their planned targets.

     And no wonder when nearly 100 American airplanes found themselves inadvertently swept up into the jet stream — the ribbon of fast flowing air at high altitudes. Then at 30,000 feet those pilots were flying under the influence of the outside environment as never before and they had to adapt or fail.

            Leaders know the feeling of being pushed along by outside forces beyond their control, just like those B-29 pilots.

      And that’s why the most effective leaders are those who constantly monitor and adapt to their ever changing working environment.

         That means leaders have to be very aware of what others may take for granted –like the wind in particular and Mother Nature– in general. Continue reading