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Doing your Duty with Honor

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to gain even more respect. Reading time: 3:54

       You’re a cop. You pull over a speeding vehicle down a busy street.

       honorYou approach the driver and realize your speeder is Ulysses S. Grant –the sitting President of the United States.

      All alone. No Secret Service. No political aides. No newspaper reporters. What would you do?

      The Officer did his duty.

      He impounded Grant’s horse and buggy and forced the President of the United States — to walk four blocks home to The White House.

         President Grant—then still a very popular Civil War Hero less than a decade after accepting General Robert E. Lee’s surrender– didn’t try to pull rank on the young officer. No matter how much more convenient and expedient for both of them.

         And the officer didn’t question his own authority to enforce the law against the President. No matter how much more comforting and face-saving for both of them. After all, it was only a traffic infraction.  Not exactly the crime of the century.

      Yet both the President and the Officer acted Honorably.

     They didn’t just obey the law. They honored it. They respected it. They revered it. They paid homage to it.  They did the right thing to protect it.  No matter how personally embarrassing. No matter how professionally compromising.  No matter who was –or wasn’t looking. Continue reading