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Too Pooped to Pop? Try Heavy Breathing

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to energize your leading skills. Reading time: 2:06

          You’re tired. You’ve worked hard all day in budget meetings. You can’t wait to get home, grab a cool one and put your feet up. On the treadmill or exercise bicycle.

Handball player in action

           Leaders make the time every day to do some heavy breathing of another kind, enough heavy breathing to virtually blow away the cobwebs in their brains so they can think more clearly and lead more convincingly.

       Heavy breathing is the key according to scientists who tell us your brain regularly consumes more than 30 percent of your body’s oxygen even though it comprises only 3 % of the body’s weight.

      You’re sucking in  8 quarts of air per minute right now as you sit still to read this. Go for a walk and you triple that air flow. Go for a run and you increase it 625% —to 50 quarts per minute!

     With their heavy breathing from exercise, leader even add a touch of magic  to their performance.  Just ask Houdini the great magician and escape artist. Continue reading