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Productivity: Sharpening your Pencil Power

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

        Here’s an idea to help you become even more efficient.

       I was absent-mindedly chewing on a pencil the other day when I recalled an arcane fact I had learned years ago about pencils that just may enhance your productivity as a leader. Let’s discover this together.

       Look around your desk. Can you find a pencil? Your basic No.2 pencil will do. Okay, go ahead and stroke that pencil as if it were a fine cigar or a slender tube of buttery lipstick. Notice the pencil’s shape. It’s a hexagon, six-sided. Not round.

      The hexagon shape does a lot more than just keep your pencil from rolling off your desk. Turns out the hexagon shape is also more efficient to produce. You can manufacture nine hexagonal pencils with the same amount of wood you need to produce eight round pencils.

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