Focusing Your Vision Over The Rainbow

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you better define your vision. Reading time: 4:26

     Think of a rainbow the next time you’re developing a vision for your organization.

     RAINBOW Like a rainbow, a vision is not an object,  not a “thing”  despite the dismissive citation of a former US President.

      Like a rainbow, a vision is a frame of reference, a vantage point from a SPECIFIC ANGLE to see your organization in a different light.

      And like a rainbow, a vision can’t be seen and/ or developed from the top down; a vision can only be seen and/or developed from the side –no matter what kind of rose colored glasses you are wearing.

      From the side, a leader can better get up close and personal to more accurately assess key components of a vision such as competition, customers and employees.

      From the side–up close and personal –a leader can come to more personally experience their company’s strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace; threats and opportunities, and key trends for product or service differentiation.

      From the side–up close and personal– a leader can more fully listen to what the customer is NOT saying that would enhance the value-add of  their product or service.

        And from the side–up close and personal–a leader can more directly look their employees in the eye to gain and retain their trust.

        But first, the leader’s view from the side has to be precise to discern a viable vision, much like the specific 42 degree angle of vision required to see a rainbow, according to the laws of physics. No wonder the most effective visionary leaders realize their followers may have the same view but not the same vision as you; they may have the same location but not the same vantage point .

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