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Reframing Your Reality: From Whining to Winning

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you make lemonade out of the lemons in your life. Reading time: 2:31.

        Laura, my then 7-year-old daughter, and I were walking to church one day after parking the car.
Laura looked up somewhat discouraged. “Dad, I really don’t want to go to church today,” Laura whined. “Can we skip today?”

Two girls skip down the street.

     I looked at her with the smile of a kid relishing the opportunity to get out of something. Laura smiled too.  I said, “Sure, Laura, Let’s skip.” Laura was so excited. So thrilled. “Really,” she questioned? “Really,” I said.

      And then we started skipping together. To church.

      By the time we reached the church steps, Laura and I were laughing so much that she forgot all about not wanting to be in church that morning. What happened? Call it a Reality Check. That’s what all effective leaders do.

      The most effective leaders I know give others a reality check of another kind. Not verifying the reality that is. Varying it.  With humor. With Insight. With whatever it takes.

    In fact, leaders conduct  a Reality Check in much the same way a hockey player checks or blocks the progress of an opposing player. With conviction.

     After all, with a well-placed check, the hockey player can turn harm into a harmony. So can a well placed leader turn agony into ecstasy. Continue reading