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Harnessing Your Tension

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you cope with stressful situations. Reading time: 2:47

         Your stock price is down again. Your business is falling off. Morale is even lower.

        The Leader opens his staff meeting with what everyone expected: no bonuses this year. But the Leader says he had a gift for each of them, a gift that would help them get through this challenging business climate.

         trampolineThe Leader then passes out monogrammed set of handkerchiefs to each of his eight direct reports.

       “No I’m not anticipating that you are going shed a tear  or two over  our tough times,” smiled the Leader.

       Then he takes one of his handkerchiefs out of the box, unfolds it and spreads it flat on the conference room table.

      “I think of this handkerchief as a kind of trampoline that could be very helpful in turning around our business,” the Leader opines.

         Then the Leader instructs three other executives to each take an edge of the handkerchief. The four executives start tugging the handkerchief in four different directions. Continue reading