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Having THE TIME of Your Life

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

 Here’s an idea to leverage the time you invest in leading. Reading time: 4:14

      Mahatma Gandhi, vowing a life of simplicity, often wore a loin cloth. And not much more.

Gandhi (right) wearing his pocket watch around his waist

Gandhi (right) wearing his pocket watch around his waist

      Yet the famed civil rights leader in India always wore a watch — albeit a cheap $1 pocket watch on a string around his waist.

     Gandhi, like the most effective leaders, knew that punctuality is the lubricant that meshes the gears of an idea. With punctuality comes a sense of urgency, a sense of expectancy, a sense of respect for the process of leadership to initiate NOW.

      That’s why leaders pay homage to the march of time. They know only too well, no matter how mighty their power, how deep their pockets, how high they sit in the pecking order, they simply can’t manufacture an antique,  print a masterpiece, or bottle a vintage wine. It takes time. Leaders embrace that inherent power of TIME. As the Great Magi asks in Voltaire’s book Zadig: Continue reading