Hanging Mistletoe in Your Office

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you more fully appreciate your staff. Reading time 3:55

       Carefully positioned for optimum view, the plaque beamed a critical message for all leaders: MAKE SOMEONE FEEL IMPORTANT TODAY.”

    important290      Hung strategically in a far corner of the office, the motivational plaque served as a visual reminder to the leader:  pay attention to the feelings as much as to the facts in coaching and in reprimanding.

         Hanging “mistletoe” in the office seemed to be  just as effective in influencing behavior as in hanging mistletoe at home at Christmas time, albeit prompting only verbal “kissing” of course.

         But at least the office version of mistletoe helped the leader slow down to focus as much on the person as on the problem.

         After all,  it’s too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the office –just like it’s too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas time at home. Until you step under mistletoe hung strategically over a doorway.

       Then you pause, look into your partner’s eyes, kiss and make each other feel important. No matter how busy you are. No matter how mad you are. No matter how exhausted you are. Continue reading “Hanging Mistletoe in Your Office”

Overcoming Injury Against Overwhelming Odds

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here are few inspiring stories to help you stay the course in adversity.

Ben Hogan battled back from a terrible car accident to win the US Open

           You’re driving on a two-lane highway in the predawn darkness. Suddenly you see four headlights beaming abreast of each other and heading directly towards you.  As you get closer, you see that the four headlights  belong to a Greyhound bus and a truck. The bus is trying to pass the truck when suddenly the hand of death SLAPS you hard! Painfully hard.

            You lie torn, twisted and tangled in a head-on collision with the Greyhound bus. You lie helpless, hapless and hopeless in your prison of personal pain. You lie virtually paralyzed –a whisper away from death’s door for four months.

          Suddenly. Incredibly. Miraculously. You recover. And just over a year later, you win one of the most prestigious and competitive sporting events in history. Sound farfetched? Who could defy death like that? Who could defy the odds like that? Who could defy destiny like that. Golf great Ben Hogan—that’s who.

        In 1950, just 16 months after his head-on collision with a bus, Ben Hogan amazed the sporting world with his stunning comeback. He won the US Open in a strenuous 36-hole playoff.  How inspiring!

       Whenever I find myself complaining about a flu bug or just plain feeling lousy, I think of leaders  like Ben Hogan and Continue reading “Overcoming Injury Against Overwhelming Odds”