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POV : Where You Stand Depends On Where You Sit

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you factor  your frame of reference in problem solving. Reading time: 2:44.

        A friend of mine tried to change the subject every time her five-year old granddaughter wanted to know her age.

       “Old enough to know better,” she would say to dismiss the subject. Or she would joke:  “So old that my back goes out more often than I do.”

Grandma's purse is just another toy box to a five year old girl.

        But then one day the wily little 60-month old seemed to get the best of my 60-year-old friend.

     “Grandma, I know how old you are.”   “You do,” her grandma wondered?

      “Yes it’s right here,” the little girl said as she spilled the contents of her grandma’s purse.  And out flipped her grandma’s driver’s license on the floor.

     “I see your birth date right there,” the precocious little girl said pointing to the grandma’s driver’s license. “And grandma , I see that you were not a very good student, no, no,no.”

    “I wasn’t,” the grandma asked?

    “No, no, no.  See you got an F.”

    “An F,” the grandmother exclaimed!

     “Yes look at that F….in SEX.”

    They both laughed. That scenario showcases the critical insight that every leader faces: defining reality. Continue reading