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From To Do to DUE To

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

                   Here’s an idea to better align your goal-setting. Reading time 3:07.

             Goals. The leader scrawled the word—goals—so quickly on the marker board the “a” and the “l” fused together to look like a “d”.

           a roadThe word –goals – looked very much like the word –gods. That Freudian slip was not lost on the leader and her strategic planners conducting a goal-setting business meeting.

    Like religion, goals are often infused with a dogma and a fervor that inspires a martyr-like dedication to the hallowed script of goal-setting: the To Do list.

            But the most effective leaders realize you commit first to a DUE To list, long before you develop a To Do list.

            A DUE TO list is comprised of long-range commitments that bring goals into a clearer, more realistic focus based on well-defined values.

           A DUE TO list keeps your goals on track: well connected to the Train of Thought and fully linked to the Engine of Purpose.

              Like a train, effective goal-setting is a process of linking not listing— linking a list of things To Do to a clearer rationale that is DUE TO a higher purpose. Continue reading