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Writing Your Wrongs

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to gain more control over your anger. Reading time: 2:53

      Ohhh! If you could only install a punching bag in your office! You’re that mad!!

      man writing a contract  Well, how about trying another weapon of choice? Something you already have in the office.

         Something  sharper.
Something more pointed.
Something lighter and easier to push around.

        Consider making like a modern day Zorro. Unsheathe your pen. And figuratively rip your opponent to shreds. With the written word.  

       Sounds absurd? Tell that to President Harry S. Truman who exercised his Anger Writes in what historian David McCullough called “one of the most intemperate documents every written by an American president.”

       Fortunately, Truman’s Chief of Staff intercepted the president’s vitriolic speech writing before it –and he–became a public embarrassment.

       But at least President Truman’s pen vented his pent-up emotions.  Now with the air cleared,  Give ‘em Hell Harry’ could later think more constructively with his advisers to solve an escalating problem:  striking union workers choking the economy.

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