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Keeping Your Heart & Sole in the Game

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you lead your former teammates more effectively. Reading time: 3:58.

           You’re a newly appointed vice president moving into your new office. You’re thrilled with the opportunity yet concerned that your direct reports know you first and foremost as their long-time teammate. Now you’re their boss.

         Running Shoes and Teamwork

         You question yourself.  Sure you have the authority but do you really have the power? Your self-doubt begins to overwhelm you, but then you wake up and smell the smelly shoes!

         At least that’s what one newly appointed vice president did while unpacking  a framed picture he had kept in a drawer but never showcased in his previous office. The picture of well-worn running shoes and socks always seemed so out of place in an executive setting.

       But not this time.

       This time the smelly-looking photograph emitted the more pleasant scent of teamwork –a whiff of humility and an aire of staying in touch with his former teammates as their leader more than their boss.  Now the newly appointed vice president proudly showcased the photo in his office.

     No wonder: those smelling running shoes and socks in the photograph provoked a lot of inquiry. And the newly appointed vice president gladly obliged. He turned the photo into a leadership teaching opportunity well beyond the obvious cliche of teamwork, dedication and conviction that most sports imagery evokes. Continue reading