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Celebrating Creativity: Teens & Texting

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to value creativity regardless  0f age or experience. Reading time: 3:22

        The next time you find yourself dismissing a creative idea primarily because of the youth and inexperience of the source, consider these innovative teenage texting titans who revolutionized communications technology:

At 15, Louis Braille invented a method for the blind to read.

         At 15, Louis Braille in 1824 in France invented a system of writing that blind people could read and write by feeling raised dots on a page.

       No matter that he had been blind since the age of three when he inadvertently cut his eye with an awl,  a tool used for punching holes.

      At 19, John Robert Gregg in 1886 in Ireland invented the shorthand alphabet named after him. Gregg shorthand, back then before electricity and tape recorders, was first used by lawyers, preachers, authors and politicians to  share  verbal and written information more quickly.

    These teens prove what every leader knows: Innovation stems from  a passion to problem solve.  No prerequisite demographics.  No experience necessary.

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