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Leaders See Off The Charts

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to think more strategically. Reading time 2:57.

       Leaders see more than meets the eye. They absorb more than observe. They see well beyond what the Snellen Charts measure that turns every eye doctor’s office into a mini Spelling Bee.

     chart Those letter-littered charts always begin with a big letter E and then feature a series of ever diminishing squiggles that eventually end in a blur for most of us.

     But those squiggles never blur in a leader’s eyes. That’s because leaders see much more than letters on a chart. Leaders see what the Snellen Chart doesn’t measure—depth perception and peripheral vision.

   As their vision becomes more strategic, more in-depth, more all encompassing—their thinking becomes more productive, more creative and more innovative. And as their vision becomes more than letter perfect they read more than what’s on the chart

     No wonder the most effective leaders see their SUPER vision ability as a key to their supervision capability. Continue reading