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Change Management: Embrace Interruptions as The Spice of Life

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

 Here are a few ideas to help you embrace change more fully.

      The television set is blaring. And I’m snoring on the couch. Whewwwwww…..Ah Wheeew….The louder the television the louder my snoring . Then suddenly, I awake. My wife just turned off the television.

     Why is it that I can sleep through the blaring noise of the television set but I awake  when someone finally grants me the silence that should have kept me in dreamland? I always wondered about that. Anyway, that experience  finally helped me better understand and value the dynamics of change that seems to fuel every leader’s agenda.  Read on to help you appreciate the merits of  change in your life.

    My experience of falling asleep bathed in the glow of  the television set and then awakening immediately when that blaring light and sound were turned off help me spawn my Flashlight Theory of Change Management that has helped me cope with change more confidently:

It’s not the Flashlight that brightens our lives.
It’s the Flash of Light that enlightens our lives.

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