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Relationship-Building: Fishing for Complements

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to enhance team alignment. Reading time: 2:01

         The 30 gallon aquarium gurgled in the corner of the executive’s office. There were no fish swimming in it. The executive escorted his staff to a nearby pet store where each staff person was asked to select a fish for the aquarium that best represented their skills in the organization.

       The staff collectively had to read everything about the fish to assure their compatibility. The fish had to complement each other and contribute viably to the environment.

       Leaders fish for complements.

       Leaders understand that the fast-swimming shoaling fishes like Giant Ddanius need a long tank while the Bettas or Hgouramies thrive in a fairly deep tank.

      Leaders understand that breeding angel fishes seek broad leave plants or a strip of slate to lay their eggs, so they need a deep tank with smooth surfaces.

      Leaders understand the importance of water chemistry. They know they can grow duckweed to soften the water. They also know you can use crushed shells or choral sand to raise the harness of the water in a freshwater tank.

      The working environment takes on new meaning when leaders think of their organizations as aquariums. Leaders and their teams become more vigilant about protecting the chemistry and the character of the organization.

      After all, cleaning, maintaining and stocking the aquarium is lot like what leaders do: they create a viable environment so that others can produce profitably and productively.

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