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Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here is an idea to help you cope with extraordinary demands of a leader. Reading time: 5:18

      The newly promoted CEO is rifling through a stack of congratulatory phone messages.

       phone messageHe’d just returned to his expansive and expensive new office from a press conference announcing his appointment as the leader of a $3 billion company.

     His compensation had just increased 10 fold and now his span of control reached globally into eight other countries and over 18,000 employees.

      But this newly minted milionaire CEO had more meaningful things to think about than dwell on his own success. And in the process he taught us all a keen leadership lesson in authenticity in his first few minutes in the BIG Chair.

     “That’s the most important message of them all,” the CEO says, handing the phone message to his top public relations guy.

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