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Leadership Mints Series Sampler: On Facing Others Professionally

The most effective leaders preface (read pre-face) their relationships with a committed trust and a highly developed sense of humility.

With that trust prefaced and well anchored, those leaders can then be personally more open with each other –face-to-face — and more vulnerable to each other.

Face-to-face those leaders can then be more professionally accountable to each other and more transparent with each other.

And then most significantly…..

… those leaders face-to-face can then be more likely to welcome, savor and digest negative feedback as a professional development opportunity.

That’s because loving leaders foster a more intimate communications process –face-to-face–with their direct reports.

They look into each other’s eyes rather than hide behind each other’s texting screens.

They say what needs to be said in person without feeling virtually oppressed under each other’s texting thumbs.

And together they celebrate their face-to-face contact.

They realize how distinctly human their face-to-face contact really is.

They celebrate the fact that human beings are the only animals on earth who mate face-to-face.

They realize that when you face each other you are more likely to give birth to more intervention and insight.

They also realize that Continue reading