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Why Would Anyone Follow You?

Why would anyone follow you as their leader if you didn’t control the financial  reins on their bank accounts and mortgages?

The CEO was stumped.

He had never thought of that before: what if all my employees were volunteers? Why would they follow me if they weren’t being paid?

Here is how James Kouzes, the long-time leadership development researcher and co-author of The Leadership Challenge, responded to that intriguing question in a radio interview with Kate Ebner on the Voice America Business Channel.

 “They would follow you because you build trust.

You foster collaboration.

 “You model the way, set a good example, challenge the process, are clear about your values, your vision for the future, and your ability to enlist others in your vision.

      “You make other people feel strong and capable.

And you search for opportunities to grow, innovate and improve.”  

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Get Your Copy of LOVING Like a Leader