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Attitude: Are You Too Good To Get Better?

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to continuously improve your performance. Reading Time: 2:54.

       Just a few weeks ago you were the top sales person on your team. Just a few weeks ago you were the most prolific accountant in the department. Just a few weeks ago, you were at the top of your game. And now you are failing: losing sales, missing project deadlines and making too many mistakes. You are losing it. You are way out on a limb.

Squirrel Monkey does his high wire act with Expertise. Or is that expert tease? (Image Credit: D. Mears , Stock.xchng )

     Your world  is suddenly and surprisingly spinning out of your control.  What worked yesterday fails today.

You’re stunned.
You’re frustrated.
You’re embarrassed.

     “How could this have happened to me? I am good at what I do. Just look at my record. I am Good! Good! Good!”

     Maybe too good.

     I have found that when you get too good at something, you stop trying to get better at it. Or worse: you start bypassing the basics, the key points in your sales presentation that earned those stellar results in the past.

     Been there. Done that.

    You think you’re so good at what you do, that you don’t have to go methodically from A to B to C.  You’re quick to jump from A to B then even quicker to jump to P then to  Z.

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