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Relationship-Building: Climbing Down From Your Ivory Tower

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help your stay connected to your staff on and off the job.

The Presidential Bubble of limousines and jets at his command.

       The Bubble. That’s what President Barack Obama calls his well protected, highly scrutinized and very privileged  lifestyle of limousines,  jet planes and just about anything else at his beck and call.

        Likewise, in the corporate world, leaders can easily be swept into their own Bubble of sorts.

         After all, leaders in the executive suite don’t face the hard realities of every day life that their employees do.

        On the job, there are no executive dining rooms in the average employee’s world. And off the job, there are no country club perks in the average employee’s world. Off the job, there are no house keepers, nannies, chefs,  chauffeurs and gardeners  in the average employee’s world.

         That’s why I was pleasantly surprised the day I met the president of a billion dollar global company who lived in a middle class neighborhood. No gated community. No well secured condominium. In fact the president himself could be found on a Saturday afternoon mowing his own lawn at home.  Why,  I wanted to know? I just had to find out. Continue reading