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Why Would Anyone Follow You?

Why would anyone follow you as their leader if you didn’t control the financial  reins on their bank accounts and mortgages?

The CEO was stumped.

He had never thought of that before: what if all my employees were volunteers? Why would they follow me if they weren’t being paid?

Here is how James Kouzes, the long-time leadership development researcher and co-author of The Leadership Challenge, responded to that intriguing question in a radio interview with Kate Ebner on the Voice America Business Channel.

 “They would follow you because you build trust.

You foster collaboration.

 “You model the way, set a good example, challenge the process, are clear about your values, your vision for the future, and your ability to enlist others in your vision.

      “You make other people feel strong and capable.

And you search for opportunities to grow, innovate and improve.”  

To help you as a leader develop that trust and collaborative spirit that would inspire your employees to follow you even if they weren’t being paid (at least in the short run), consider savoring the 77 Leadership Mints — bite-sized ideas to freshen your feeling for leading in LOVING Like a Leader available on Amazon.com.

LOVING Like a Leader, With Empathy — the second book in the Leadership Mints Series –develops your emotional intelligence to better listen and relate to others with compassion, connection and conviction. Readers savor 77 Leadership Mints, bite-sized ideas that like a candy mint are quickly accessed and immediately refreshing your feeling for leading.

Get Your Copy of LOVING Like a Leader

Get Your Copy of LOVING Like a Leader

Leadership Mints Sampler : The Best-Kept Secret of Leaders

Millions of Dilbert-dazed office workers stagger like Zombies through the cubicle-crazed corporate graveyard from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.   Millions more of device-carrying, screen-staring, thumb-texting employees struggle to get through their workday.

And the data is depressing: 7 in 10 of your employees are disengaged –and cost American business $500 billion in lost productivity –according to Gallup.

Isn’t there anything a leader can do to awaken those Zombies to care more about your bottom line?

Sure. But shhhh! It’s a secret.

It’s such a power-packed secret that if a leader applies it knowingly and carefully this secret has the potential to stir interest, foster creativity, build teamwork, engender trust, instill confidence, reinforce credibility, spark innovation, increase productivity and strengthen profitability!

This secret is critical to our well-being. This secret is born in our need as human beings to be appreciated and bred in our relationships to be validated. This secret is… Continue reading

Savor Today’s Leadership Mint: Gaining Trust With Empathy

Empathy is good business.

You gain greater buy-in the more you can step into the shoes of your customers or your employees and more readily feel what they feel.

        That empathy then fuels a trust that triggers greater productivity and profitability over time.

But how do you teach empathy? You don’t.

Let others do it for you : like Generals in the U.S. Army (Colin Powell and Norm Schwarzkopf), political leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman, Barack Obama and Lee Kuan Yew along with legendary sports heroes like pro football’s Vince Lombardi and professional golf’s Jack Nicklaus.

They share their secret to success: leading with empathy among the 77 Leadership Mints 5-minute stories in LOVING Like a Leader, one of the three books in the Leadership Mints Series designed to help busy leaders freshen their feeling for leading.

Baton Exchange Anchors Leadership Mints Series

Exchanging the baton in a relay race — the front cover image on each of the three books in  The Leadership Mints Series — celebrates the collaborative focus of leaders and followers.

       Leaders and followers need — and heed—each other.  On and off the track.

Leaders realize their success is dependent on their participating WITH their followers (a.k.a audiences). They learn from one other. They factor their mutual needs and interests with each other. And they speak WITH – not AT –each other. With civility. Time and again.

      Their collaborative performance is an on-going pursuit.

Leaders realize there is no finish line. Just another starting line. And still another well-marked exchange zone on a track where they and their followers must perform collaboratively. On time (and under budget). One hand reaching out to the other’s hand. In full stride. With precision.

            That’s why their on-going pursuit of interdependence between— leaders and followers, speakers and audiences, managers and their employees (and relay track team members) — is featured  throughout The Leadership Mints Series in THINKING Like a Leader with clarity, in LOVING Like a Leader with empathy and in SPEAKING Like a Leader with civility.

What Scares a 4-Star General?

The four-star general in the United States Army –all 6-foot-3 and 240 pounds of him – was scared. Not on the battlefield.  After all he led the US coalition of troops from 30 countries to victory in the Persian Gulf War in 1991. No, General Norman Schwarzkopf was even more scared of unarmed men who couldn’t or wouldn’t cry. “Frankly, any man who doesn’t cry scares me a little bit,” Schwarzkopf admitted to Barbara Walters on ABC television’s 20/20 program in March 1991. “I don’t think I would like a man who was incapable of enough emotion to get tears in his eyes every now and then. That person scares me; he’s not a human being.”

(This is an excerpt of a newly relaunched book titled LOVING Like a Leader now available on Amazon.com Continue reading