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Sharpening Your Vulnerabilty on Elephant Tusks

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to enhance your sense of interdependence. Reading time: 2:10.

             You just got that big job, that promotion, that major account. And now you are feeling on top of the world. Invincible. You are the King or Queen of the corporate jungle. Hear ME roar!

         Hear ME roar! Like an elephant: the largest living land animal on earth with no natural predator.

       Hear ME roar! Like an elephant- a 10 to 12-ton weapon used in war during the Roman Empire.

     Hear ME roar! Like an elephant  wielding a trunk with more than 50,000 muscles that can suck up to 15 quarts of water at a time.

     So huge. So strong. So unconquerable. And yet so vulnerable.

     So vulnerable that an elephant’s skin is very sensitive to insects in key spots like behind the ears. So vulnerable that the elephant’s best friend in the jungle is the egret — a small bird that rides on the back of an elephant eating flies and other insects that “bug” the elephant’s sensitive ears.

        The elephant and an egret  are reputed to be Mother Nature’s Odd couple. They feed off each others’ vulnerabilities that  counter-intuitively makes both stronger.

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