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Power Lunch – Feeding More Than Your Ego

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

          Here’s a scenario to remind you to keep your ego in check. Reading time: 2:52

      The vice president hosted a luncheon for 20 members of his team to celebrate a successful product launch.  Everyone munched on great-tasting sandwiches between celebratory cheers at their favorite deli. After awhile, everyone was full of good food and good laughs.

       Then, the waiter arrives with a second round of sandwiches for all 21 people at the table.  The staffers were astonished.  “Who ordered all this,” asked a couple of the team members in unison? “Well, I did,” chimed the vice president. “You all deserve it. Job well, done.”

         It didn’t matter to the vice president that no one at the table wanted another sandwich.  Neither did the vice president as it turned out.

        This afternoon’s Power Lunch  had  little to do with feeding his staffers. It had more to do with the vice president feeding his own ego. He had the power of an expense account to spend money on lunch.  So he made a unilateral decision to order another round of sandwiches.

     Just because he could. Continue reading