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Strategic Thinking: Firing Up Your Personal Zamboni

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you stay productive despite a series of failures.

Zamboni Smooths the Ice Hockey Rink

          I don’t remember the brand name of my do-over sketching pad– the forerunner of Etch-a Sketch. All I remember is how much fun I had as a kid with my new drawing toy. I can still see that red wooden pencil.  I can still recall how amazing it was that I could draw thick black lines on that clean  cellophane covered sheet. Over and over again.  I’d work so diligently on a project. Then I would make a few mistakes. Get frustrated. Or bored. I would just want to start over. And instantly, I would get my wish.

     A clean slate. I could start over. I just lifted that cellophane covered sheet off my drawing and my doodling disappeared.

         Oh how satisfying the sound of that cellophane sheet—sheeeeeeeeeer— tearing away from my drawing.

        Oh how rewarding to see the blank slate confirming the demise of my previous work without a trace that it ever even existed.

       And oh, how enticing to have that same blank slate challenging my imagination. Once again. Brand new. Continue reading