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Rubbing the Genie Out of your Bottle

 By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you become a more effective coach. Reading time: 3:19.

       “Are you watching your speed…we are,” flashed the digital sign display overhead. The motorist immediately checked her speedometer and instinctively eased up on the accelerator.

        digital speed sign 1That real-time feedback leading to a practiced and well-defined behavioral change is what coaching is all about. Think of an executive coach as your personal 24/7 feedback digital sign display.

        Flashing your feedback in real time, your personal or executive coach gives you real-time analysis of what you are doing so that you can make real-time changes to how you are doing it and why.

        But too many executives, ensconced in their comfortable corporate suites,  think they don’t have the patience or the time to put up with a real-world coach dealing with real issues. In real time.

Beyond the Corporate Car Wash

        Those insulated–and isolated– executives would rather spend a few days a  year at an Executive Retreat at a swanky resort listening to other smart, creative, intriguing people like themselves share leadership development ideas.

       Of course that spray and pray it sticks –the Corporate Car Wash Model of leadership development – is  futile.  A few minutes after getting back on the open road (on the job) your car (your job)  is covered with mud. Again Continue reading