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Productivity: Becoming the Chairman of the Bored

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to align all staff more fully on the team.

          “I’m bored,” the injured employee on a restricted work assignment told the president of the firm. “I can do more for this company than just busy work.”

          The president, valuing the enthusiasm and loyalty of the production worker, responded: “From now on you are reporting to me. You are in charge of preparing our showroom for customer visits.”

          The injured employee was no longer bored. He was burning with a passion of purpose. And the president had seized his role as Chairman of the Bored, a critical role of alignment of resources in all organization.

         Now the injured employee on work restriction was designated a bona-fide member of the customer visit team and therefore in regular contact with the sales department. He felt “like I was really part of the company again.” He added greater value to the company.

         The president acted like a leader in designating autonomy (“You’re in charge of…”). He did not simply delegate authority (“Go see the personnel department for another job assignment.”).

        The most effective leaders I have met are more apt to designate than just delegate. They anoint more than just appoint their employees, anointing them to “to a purpose with deep dedication,” according to the dictionary definition of anoint.

      And the difference — between Continue reading