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Productivity: Let Your Competition Work For You

  By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you leverage your competitive spirit.

         You’re in a slump. You lost a major account this week.  Your competition is bearing down on you. What do you do?  Take a deep breath and celebrate your worthy opponents in the marketplace.

Competition sparked USA to Become First to Land a Man on the Moon.

      That’s what the most effective leaders do.  They know their competition will eventually make them more successful.  Consider this poem I ran across from that prolific author Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous that celebrates the power of competition.

                         A Scrubby Thing

 The tree that never had to fight,
For sun and sky and air and light;
That stood out in the open plain and,
Always got its share of rain.

Never  became a forest king,
But lived and died a scrubby thing.

        Applaud your competition. Take it from Dennis Conner, America’s Cup Yacht racing winner and the author of the book The Art of Winning: “Keep an eye on the competition. Be glad they’re tough to beat. Your toughest competitors are your biggest allies in the art of winning. They’re the ones who make you work harder, move faster, and think smarter.” And become a forest king. Continue reading