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Leaders Cope with Hope

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to maintain your hope in tough times. Reading time: 2:56

      When he was 67, the life’s work of this famed scientist, inventor of the light bulb and 1200 other patents went up in flames. Seven of his light bulb factories burned down. He was under-insured.

     20130412043138_Thomas-Edison-Quotes- But within 36 hours Tom Edison brought together a team of 1500 people who immediately began building even bigger and better factories.

     “No one is ever too old to make a fresh start,” Edison said.

      Thomas Alva Edison personified the essence of a leader: Hope.

      With hope, there is always a place for us —somehow, someday, somewhere—as Tony and Maria sing in West Side Story.

       Their hopeful voices focused on a greater sense of order, a more meaningful sense of purpose amid the inherent discrimination,  murder, mayhem and the chaos of gangs. Continue reading