Making Yourself Heard in the Jungle

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to collaborate more productively. Reading time: 2:02

       Swinging from the vine, Tarzan’s yell trumpeted throughout the jungle, blasting his personal signature in the movies with an ear-piercing, attention-commanding roar.

      tarzan Yet in reality, Tarzan’s yell was comprised of three different male voices collaborating together to record cinema history.

      Tarzan’s Scream Team is an instructive metaphor for the way the most effective leaders collaborate to assure their collective message is heard, understood and acted upon by the broadest set of followers.

      Collaboration enhances overall performance. In the jungle and in the sky. Take a look at the North Star. It’s revelatory to note that

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Playing the 19th Hole – With a Helping Hand

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to enhance your collaborative behavior in the midst of individual performance. Reading time: 2:07.

            The large photograph in the company president’s office looked about as out of place as a pants presser in a nudist colony. The photograph, festooned among the president’s framed diplomas and certificates, featured a turtle perched atop a fence post. Nothing more.

           The turtle was paralyzed in fear.  Unable to move. Nowhere to go (but down). And no one in sight to help the turtle get down.

         “We all need a helping hand every now and then,” said the company president, explaining his turtle on the fence-post photo. “ That turtle needed some help getting up there and now that turtle is going to need plenty of help staying up there or getting down from there. “

          That’s why hard charging leaders, driving their companies, with their individual vision, spirit and drive, never forget to reach out and collaborate with others.

            These leaders are like highly competitive golfers, chasing that elusive ball around the course with a personal passion requiring individual concentration for 18 holes. But they play the proverbial 19th hole, differently. Continue reading “Playing the 19th Hole – With a Helping Hand”