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Leadership Mints Series Sampler On UNDERSTANDING

  He who knows much about others may be learned.
But he who understands himself is more intelligent.”

Philosopher Lao Tsu

How understanding are you as a leader?

Do you take the time NECESSARY to understand yourself and others before making an intelligent decision?

Or are you too busy “getting things done?”

Chances are your busy schedule has virtually discounted — or worse yet, discarded– your focus on gaining insight more than information, on seeking a more strategic cause and effect  rather than settling for a quick fix.

And now your to-do list — on developing your sense of understanding — remains more OUT standing than outstanding.

And why not? Of course, you’ve got too many fires to put out to take time for fire prevention.

But what if you could get more things done even better the more you focused on understanding yourself and others more fully, the more you focused on understanding the situation and circumstances you and your people are facing in real time?

After all, according to the teachings of  Confucius: the highest type of man (and woman) is born with understanding.

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