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Brighten your Vision with Rose Colored Glasses

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you smile in the face of adversity.

        I  struggled off the 18th green and looked for a super computer to add up my scorecard. My scores on those 18 holes were THAT  high, way out of calculator range. I complained how lousy I played.

Gene Kelly Singin' In The Rain

       My dad –and playing partner– shot about as lousy a score as I did. But he seemed in much better spirits than I was. And finally he purred through his whimsical Cheshire Cat grin at me: “Look at this way, on a per stroke basis we both got our money’s worth today.”

       My dad gave me a lesson in leadership that day. I learned from him that the most effective leaders find a lot more than the silver lining in the clouds of life. They can sing and dance through the rain storms of their lives like Gene Kelly wannabees sloshing through the puddles in the movie:  Singin’ in the Rain.

        In that movie,  Kelly was in love and no amount of rain could dampen his spirits. Likewise, I have found over the years that the most effective leaders are usually that much in love. With their customers. With their employees. And with their vision for their organizations. products and services.

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