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Leadership Mints Series Sampler On Speaking Up in Meetings

You’re invited to the C-suite for the first time to participate in a strategy session with five or six executives who outrank you on the organizational chart.

You’re nervous.  You talk in circles when you’re finally called upon.   You seem oblivious to how often you’re repeating yourself. And then it gets worse.

You try to dominate the conversation. You fear if you give up the proverbial microphone you might not be called on again. So, you decide to shoot your wad. Instead, you end up shooting yourself in the foot.

No one is listening to you.

No one is advancing your ideas.

What can you do to get your train of thought back on track?

First: Remember why you are there.

You’re an expert in a certain area of the company that should be factored into the  decision making and strategic direction.

Your reputation precedes you. There is no need for showboating,  grandstanding or  pontificating no matter how intimidated you feel in breathing the rarified atmosphere of the C-suite opulence.

Second: Preparation is Key

Before your meeting, write down three key points on how your department currently contributes to the bottom line. Then distill each of those points in a single declarative sentence with fewer than 20 words.

Now take each of those points and anticipate Continue reading