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Billboarding Your Message Just In Time

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to assure your message is more easily digested. Reading time: 2:03

               Chances are you’ll be smiling a bit after reading the following little ditty.  Consider the way millions of motorists over some 40 years smiled at the innovative way the shaving cream company redefined roadside advertising beginning in the 1920s.

A peach looks good

With lots of fuzz

But no man’s a peach.

And never was.

Burma Shave.

              It was a lot more than just the catchy words that Burma Shave used on their 7,000 sets of billboards: it was how Burma Shave spaced their words on five or six sequentially placed billboards and paced their key messages a few words at time to make sure the passing motorists had enough time to read and digest its message before reaching and reading the next billboard.

              Burma Shave parsed its message a few words at time. A motorist could then easily read, understand and digest the message: “A peach looks good….with lots of fuzz etc.

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