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Honoring Your Honor

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to enhance your ethical behavior. Reading time: 3:35

        Blindly placing a gum wrapper in the ash tray, he drove out of the car rental lot and into the darkness. Or was that into the oblivion?

         At least it seemed that way. cigarettes Suddenly, he felt as if someone had punched him hard in the gut. He was hurt — offended more than beaten; betrayed more than bedraggled.

       Yes. Betrayed.

        He sneered at that cigarette-strewn ash tray in his Avis car rental. He groused that just because he writes Avis ads for a living “that doesn’t make me a paid liar.” He grumbled, “If Avis can’t, live up to its advertising, they can get themselves a new boy.”

       The ad writer, who had previously created copy lauding Avis’s cigarette-butt free cars, resigned the Avis account.

                 That’s what leaders do. They preserve, protect and promote their honor. With integrity. And often these honorable leaders influence corporations to honor their honor.

                In fact copywriter David Herzbrun’s personal conviction to integrity in his advertising copy influenced Avis to approve paid advertisements apologizing for the cigarette-strew ashtray in his car rental.

              Indeed, leaders honor their honor Continue reading