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Brain Power: Igniting 60,000 Thoughts Every Day

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you overcome a few headaches you may face today.

            It’s a beautiful summer day. The steaks are on the grill. You’re all set to dig into that juicy steak and suddenly you hear BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ SLAP! Stung by a bee. Oh, it hurts.

          You probably just winced at the thought of  a bee sting. You may even still feel the pain of  that bee sting. Oh, the power in a painful bee sting. But the power in the brain of a honey bee is even more amazing.

        The honey bee can perform 50 different thinking acts that require memorizing or predicting.

       Memorizing: The bee memorizes the location of five different flowerbeds.

      Predicting. The bee predicts the exact hour that each of those flowers come into bloom.

        All of that ingenuity with a brain – the size of a grain of sugar – a grain of sugar. Now if a brain the size of a grain of sugar can do all that, imagine the power in a brain the side of a grapefruit – The Human Brain: 100 Thousand times larger.  Packing 10 million times more cells for a total of 10 billion cells.

     I take some solace any time I come across amazing statistics on the human brain. Somehow appreciating the anatomy of the  human brain bolsters my thinking when I am facing a particularly perplexing problem.

       Let’s take  a minute together to celebrate the awesome power of the human brain. Continue reading