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Stripping Down to Toughen Up

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help become more aware of your surroundings. Reading time: 2:35.


           You’re virtually naked hunting buffalo on horseback with a bow and arrow. Your loincloth (a.k.a. a breechcloth) offers you little protection or comfort. By design.

          The Sioux Indians dressed for success on the hunt. They knew their regular clothing would be detrimental to their buffalo-bagging mission.

          They knew their regular “street” clothes would get in the way when they tried to load an arrow into their bows, especially on the run.  Buffalo could outrun horses.

        The  Sioux buffalo hunters also knew they could grip the horse more securely with their bare legs and therefore shoot more accurately.

       Leaders learn quickly like the Sioux that they have to strip down to toughen up.  The most effective leaders understand the more they figuratively bare it the better they can bear it. They don’t have to  hide behind committees, reports, or a phalanx of  assistants.  Continue reading