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Doubling Down on Your Dubitatio

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to enhance your trustworthiness. Reading time: 3:12

      “Fishing Tickle.”  The sign in the fishing bait store window was misspelled. On purpose.

       campbell'sLikewise the print ad for the Campbell Soup Company headlined a factual error. On purpose.

       What’s going on here? Incompetence? No, dubitatio.

       Rhetoricians define dubitatio as a personal form of aporia which is doubt or ignorance – feigned or real—used as a rhetorical device to make the speaker/leader seem more human, more real and ultimately more honest.

       The most effective leaders double down on their dubitatio.

       The more vulnerable a leader the more venerable they can become in the hearts and minds of followers (a.k.a. customers).

      Large corporate entities seem more human when they make easily-discovered mistakes in public. Then followers (a.k.a. customers) parlay that vulnerability into building a more intimate relationship with that big conglomerate. And sales soar.

     That’s what happened when Campbell Soups  listed 22 different soups in a print ad. But the headline screamed “21 kinds of soup.” Continue reading

Keep It Real, You Big Deal

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy
Here’s an idea to stay grounded in dealing with others. Reading time: 2:56

         No matter how high Harry Warner climbed on the corporate ladder –from the pioneering leader in the film industry to the president of Warner Brothers for more than 20 years — Harry Warner never forgot his roots.

        warner brothersIn fact he never figuratively slipped out of his old shoes no matter how well-heeled he had become.

         Walking along the studio’s streets, Harry Warner would habitually pick up nails he found and pop them in his mouth — just like he did as a boy working in his dad’s shoe-making shop.

        Indeed, you are what you are no matter where you are.  That’s why the most effective leaders keep it real, especially when they become a big deal.

         That’s what  Zachary Taylor did. The President of the United States brought his frontier background into the Oval office in 1849. He wore baggy clothes Continue reading